Affordable Housing

House 23 Aug, 2016

A Growing Problem

It seems that the news surrounding affordable housing has skyrocketed in Larimer County, and that is because it is becoming an increasingly pressing problem! I have heard from countless students and seniors, along with working families, about how hard it is to live in Larimer County with even an average income, let alone one based on social security or a student job. The Coloradoan found that many home prices have increased by over fifteen percent since 2012! We simply must build affordable housing in the county, to encourage healthy and intelligent growth of our diverse communities.

Solutions and Benefits

I believe that the county is not doing enough to incentivize builders to put affordable housing in new construction, and as county commissioner I would have the opportunity to influence those conversations. The county itself also has the ability to buy land and build affordable housing. I believe that this is a very viable option for future affordable housing. This would allow families, students, and other low-income residents to live in Larimer County while still paying for other needs, such as childcare, food, and medical expenses. No one should have to choose between paying their mortgage or being able to afford enough food.

Affordable housing also offers an alternative to homelessness, as many low-income residents are unable to afford any permanent or even temporary homes here in the county. This can lead to them becoming homeless, which often causes a plethora of mental and physical healthy problems. With a roof over their heads, former homeless individuals can get back on their feet and contribute to the local economy, along with live a higher quality of life. The option to find a home in Fort Collins, even if just for a lower rent, should be an option for those who need it.

Colorado is a beautiful place to live, and all types of people should be able to live here without socioeconomic status holding them back.

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