Using Tax Dollars Wisely

Using Tax Dollars Wisely 27 Apr, 2016

Many of the ideas I have put forth in this website will save taxpayers in the future if they can be implemented. A few of these would be:

Jail and Mental Health Savings

Lowering the number of incarcerated inmates at the jail will save money. By building a mental health center/detox center, we can help inmates with often complex but treatable illnesses, like bipolar disorder, work on staying out of the jail system with appropriate medications. By having a mental health center with staffing to prescribe such medications, we can save that inmate from being incarcerated, and save perhaps $20,000 plus per year. These numbers, multiplied by the number of treatable mentally ill jail inmates, can add up substantially over time.

Homeless Population Savings

We know caring for the homeless is very expensive for communities. Costs include incarceration and often days spent in emergency rooms for simple illnesses that could be better treated at a clinic. I believe if we do the investment of providing housing for many of these populations, we will find over the course of time substantial savings in not only hospital visits, but law enforcement issues including vagrancy and incarceration. And in the end, when we are successful, these citizens become tax paying members of our society.

Growing Wisely Saves Money

If we follow what many communities have done, by building communities to their borders with poor planning and no open spaces, and if we dry up our farms and sell off all the water, we will have nothing but sprawl to show for it. And while many believe the cost of growth pays for itself, communities are forced to pass bond issues to build new schools and build water treatment plants, they must expand roadways and purchase more water, along with everything that else that rapid growth incurs. How much better to work in collaboration with our neighboring communities, to work closely on growth management areas, and to be certain that what is being built is in the best interest of all of Larimer County!

Protecting our Tourism Dollars

People come here from all over the world for our beautiful places. If we are not smart with the lands that we own, soon these beautiful places will be history. Once again, poor growth can appear “ugly” and undesirable. If we dry up our rivers with too many reservoirs, or do not assist our farmers and ranchers so they can continue to stay in business, soon those lands will be gone forever. We have only one Rocky Mountain National Park. If we allow fracking on these lands, we will soon have lands that are no longer desirable for visitors to come and see. And when the tourism goes away, our economy and lifestyle may go away too. It takes a county commissioner with a strong will to stand up to special interests, and to protect our special places, so they can remain special in perpetuity. I believe I am just the person to do that job.

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